Restaurant Owners: Discover How to Use Menu Items
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Discover Menu Items

Menu Items is a service that can put your restaurant menu online. With your menu online, your customers can view your menu using their computer, laptop or mobile phone. Whether searching at home or dining at your restaurant, your patrons have easy access to the list of food and drinks your establishment offers.

Menu Items allows your customers to view your restaurant menu as they wait for a seat or as they are seated choosing what they will have to eat and drink. It provides a simple but elegant way to showcase your offerings. Since your customers view it on their phones, the menu is also touchless, giving your customers what they want in the post-pandemic world.

There also is no advertising or other extraneous material with your restaurant's menu. It's just the menu. Against a white background, your logo appears at the top. Underneath your logo is an optional paragraph about your restaurant.

Demo Restaurant Menu

There is a heading under your restaurant description. It can read "Menu," or you can change it to say whatever you wish. Under the heading, you can have tabs where you can divide your menu selection between Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner or use any terms that you wish. The tab colors can be customized.

Under each tab is a big category heading with an optional description under the category. Then under each category are your menu items showing its name, price, description and image if you so desire.

To see a live menu, check out our demo by clicking the link or taking a picture of the QR code with your phone.

QR Code

Menu Items provides the QR codes so you can easily download them and use them on at the entrance of your restaurants or on table tents.

QR Code on Phone

To start your own menu, click on the word "Members" in the top right hand corner and then choose "Signup." Or you can just click the Get Started button below. Then just fill out the Registration Form and activate your membership with the activation code or link you receive via email. (Be sure to check your spam folder if you do not receive the email quickly.)

Once you login, you will be prompted with the other information you need to build your menu. It's just easy.

It's free to build and preview your menu. Then to make it go live, you just pay the modest monthly subscription fee.